My gorgeous cousin Michelle and I had a beautiful lunch for my birthday last month. It doesn’t get much better when you laugh and cry while feeding your belly with good grub. I’d suggested we eat at Between Us on Maling Road as we could go into Flowers of Canterbury afterwards and swoon over their peonies. November is peony season in the southern hemisphere and I like to make the most of it. I had neglected the peonies in my garden this year as I was doing a lot of theatre and they had given me ‘the bird’ and refused to bloom. Fair enough, I’d say.

Michelle and I were ooohing and ahhing over the flowers when I heard a voice say, “Gabby? I follow you on Instagram.” It was Cobi. We’d never met but had been following each other’s Instagram accounts for a year. We had an excited giggle over finally meeting and she pointed out some roses she thought I’d like. I had to have them. Knew they’d photograph beautifully. Cobi and I are going to join forces. And here is the beginning….. Bliss.