Same Old Moon, New World

In winter we get to see some magnificent moons. I say "moons" plural but of course we have just the one don't we...? (I'm playing with the multiverse idea there.) One of the reasons I get great views of the moon from my little garden in winter is because the sky is darker and [...]

Same Old Moon, New World2023-04-29T01:41:26+00:00

Looking back and smiling – January 2017

Sometimes it takes looking at something from a different perspective to discover something new. Yesterday I was having a great, juicy natter with my beautiful mate Simon Trevorrow (who's a bloody great film maker - keep an eye out for his work). At one point I was telling him how 19 years ago, when I [...]

Looking back and smiling – January 20172023-02-27T23:11:54+00:00

Bliss – December 2016

My gorgeous cousin Michelle and I had a beautiful lunch for my birthday last month. It doesn't get much better when you laugh and cry while feeding your belly with good grub. I'd suggested we eat at Between Us on Maling Road as we could go into Flowers of Canterbury afterwards and swoon over their [...]

Bliss – December 20162023-02-27T23:11:55+00:00


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