In winter we get to see some magnificent moons. I say “moons” plural but of course we have just the one don’t we…? (I’m playing with the multiverse idea there.) One of the reasons I get great views of the moon from my little garden in winter is because the sky is darker and also the moon is higher in the sky over my house. I guess if I were to philosophise about that I suppose I’d say something Yoda-like about ‘the moon we see brighter in the darkness’. Whenever I see the moon again after a period of absence I can’t help smiling at it and saying, “Hey, it’s you again.”
It’s been a long period of no bloggin’ from this little rabbit. Somehow I got the idea that Blogs were a bit pointless until I read something Austin Kleon (Steal Like An Artist) said about having your own bit of real estate on-line to write your stuff on. So my feeling that Blogs are point-less got turned on it’s head and it’s now point-full coz it’s become about me and what I really wanna write instead of what I hope will build my business. Ha! Yeah – I’m embracing the truth that I pretty much suck as a business person and all I really wanna do is care for my family (human & other species), make art & leave all the other stuff up to blah blah. See – couldn’t even finish that sentence coz I just find some things so hard. And y’know, if I saw a Blog post that was this long I just wouldn’t bother reading it. But as this is me writing for me then I’ll write for as long it interests me and ….

haha. See what I did there? (why did my font size change? #techqueen). I’m gonna write for as long as it feels good/ I’m getting something out of it. I’m going to start treating this as really mine & relax about it instead of trying too hard and being frankly an arsehole to myself about fucking stuff up. So, yay! That’s all for today. Be kind to yourselves as often as you can. As my Dad says, “hasten slowly.” Baby steps. Breathe in, breathe out. And all that jazz. Wiggle shake (I’m dancing in my seat now coz I said ‘jazz’.)