Rule-Breaker, Breath-Taker

I have started this simple daily habit for whenever I get overwhelmed (which is a frequent daily occurrence). I really like that it's simple because as anyone who gets overwhelmed will tell you - the simpler, the better. This is what I do: I stop whatever the hell I'm doing or thinking. And I breathe. [...]

Rule-Breaker, Breath-Taker2023-02-27T23:11:54+00:00

Summer memories of my grandmother’s house – November 2016

Summer.... school holidays were awesome with my cousins and often at my Mama's house. She grew poppies in a garden bed near her front door every year. There were always plenty of roses and poppies in vases around the house. The smell of apricot jam bubbling on the stove and Anzac biscuits in the pantry [...]

Summer memories of my grandmother’s house – November 20162023-02-27T23:11:55+00:00


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