Rule-Breaker, Breath-Taker

I have started this simple daily habit for whenever I get overwhelmed (which is a frequent daily occurrence). I really like that it's simple because as anyone who gets overwhelmed will tell you - the simpler, the better. This is what I do: I stop whatever the hell I'm doing or thinking. And I breathe. [...]

Rule-Breaker, Breath-Taker2023-02-27T23:11:54+00:00

Looking back and smiling – January 2017

Sometimes it takes looking at something from a different perspective to discover something new. Yesterday I was having a great, juicy natter with my beautiful mate Simon Trevorrow (who's a bloody great film maker - keep an eye out for his work). At one point I was telling him how 19 years ago, when I [...]

Looking back and smiling – January 20172023-02-27T23:11:54+00:00

A Tree with afternoon tea – November 2016

So, a few weeks ago this frame fell and smashed and damaged the print inside so now I'm using it as a clothes-horse kind of arrangement so I can see what my square prints look like framed. I rather like how an unhappy accident can become happy again. And a bit of arvo tea never [...]

A Tree with afternoon tea – November 20162023-02-27T23:11:55+00:00


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