Coco’s Garden, remembering Paris – November 2017

Romantic and enigmatic, the Coco's Garden series was born from my garden of David Austen roses and my love of Paris. When I lived in London, catching the train under the sea (yes! how amazing) and arriving in Paris was an absolute delight. A part of me unwound and felt at home. I just loved [...]

Coco’s Garden, remembering Paris – November 20172017-11-03T02:24:42+00:00

Bliss – December 2016

My gorgeous cousin Michelle and I had a beautiful lunch for my birthday last month. It doesn't get much better when you laugh and cry while feeding your belly with good grub. I'd suggested we eat at Between Us on Maling Road as we could go into Flowers of Canterbury afterwards and swoon over their [...]

Bliss – December 20162023-02-27T23:11:55+00:00


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